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New Podcast Program coming


The Way Makers LIVE! broadcast is an outreach ministry of Angelic Grace Ministries International.  


We are dedicated to equipping, empowering and inspiring leaders in ministry and the marketplace to prepare the way of the Lord through Apostolic Sonship and Relational Grace. Jesus is coming back for a Church without spot or wrinkle.  Join us for lively discussion, divine revelation, worship and the Word!

Our message is an all-call to the Bride of Christ to make herself ready. The Bridegroom is coming! Although we have been on hiatus, we will return to air in the next few months! 



In the meantime, you can enjoy previous broadcasts HERE

Our Apostolic Mentoring ministry is designed with YOU in mind!  Each program is tailored to your specific needs and is designed to assist you in identifying and removing obstacles that may be holding you back and to empower you to move forward in your purpose and destiny.  

Mentoring is a process that involves sharing of information, teaching of a specific skill, the offering of advice and facilitation connections.  However, it is NOT an indefinite relationship; mentoring is temporary - for a specified period of time - the success of which, is measured by established guidelines and milestones.  It requires commitment, transparency, and trust cultivated through relationship.  

We also offer more specific Discipleship and Apostolic Parenting to those who demonstrate a level of growth, character and commitment.  

Your initial Meet & Greet Consult is absolutely FREE and comes with a bonus resource.  We will discuss your needs and answer any questions you may have.  There are 3 levels of mentorship, depending on where you are in your pursuit of God.  For more information, click on Plans and Pricing.  

The Passion Institute Graphic
The Passion Institute

We have an Apostolic mandate to raise up Way Makers - Ambassadors for Christ to prepare the way of the Lord's return.  

In case you haven't heard, HE IS COMING BACK! And The Bride must make herself ready!  


That's our mission, to equip and develop leaders through the power of relational grace and sonship, and to prepare a "mature" Bride - Ephesians 4:11-18 


For information, updates, courses and enrollment dates, click here.

Non Profit Dev.. training of 30 Sudanese migrants

Leadership Training

Stay connected for news of our new leadership coaching program that will be launched later this year.  This program is available to all new Way Makers who join our organization.


Click on The Passion Institute  page for info and enrollment details 


Ministry Topics 

Relational Grace and Sonship               The Orphan Spirit

Time, Talent and Treasure                     Write On Purpose

Discovery Your Destiny                          Healing Before Ministry

The Pain of Afterbirth                             Trained to Trust

What’s in Your Belly?                             Endurance Training

The Anointing of Order                           God's Timiming

Turning Your Passion Into Purpose       Boundaries

The Ministry of Reconciliation                The Way Makers

Grown Folks!

And many more!


To request a speaking engagement, click on Contact Us to email.

Photo of 1st Women's Ministry Luncheon


We host women's ministry events to edify and challenge growth and spiritual maturity.  We also have structured mentorship process that will provoke you to step out of your comfort zone and increase your faith.  Areas of Mentorship:  Inner healing, spiritual gifts, ministry leadership, ministry administration, writing, starting a business, and  podcasting. 


To schedule an initial consultation, click on the Mentorship box above or go to: 


Angelic Grace Ministries and click on OUR SERVICES 

Outreach Ministries/Projects
We Support

Flyer of Operation Borehole 55 - an outreach project
n street vill-logo - outreach project we support
Click on Sapphire House for more info.
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