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By the grace given to us by Almighty God, Angelic Grace Ministries International prepares the way of the Lord with the message and ministry of reconciliation as Ambassadors of Christ.  To carry out the vision, you will find ministry resources to edify and equip you to do the same; such as, articles, audio downloads, message CDs, books, events and outreach programs.  


Check often for new resources that will added on a regular basis so that you be the "Way Maker" God has called you to be!  



Apostle Angela M. Gracey

"We are therefore Christ's ambassadors, as though God were making His appeal through us. We implore you on Christ's behalf, "Be reconciled to God."
2 Corinthians 5:20

Necessary Endings - Audio Download

"Necessary Endings"



"It's not how you start, but how you finish." - The Bible


Transition is a very important and essential part of living.  By it's very nature, one season ends before a new one begins.  


How well we end one season, depends on how successful we will be in the next.  


Sometimes we forfeit what God has for us when we fail to end well and timely.  It is my prayer that this message will help you to identify your pruning moment, so that you can move on to create the life you really want!  Click on the player to the left.  Renew your mind; change your life!


Blessings and warm regards,

Apostle Angela Gracey 

Your Testimony - A Blueprint


Try to be as brief and concise as possible so that you publish on a 4 x 6 post card or some easy to handle doctument that you can share with others as the Lord leads.  Once you've done that, never leave home without it!


  • Describe what your life was like BEFORE you accepted Christ as your personal Savior.

  • What was the pivotal or precipitating event that lead you to receive Christ? Describe your salvation experience.  (There's no right or wrong here. Be honest and authentic. Someone needs to know your story.)

  • How has your life changed AFTER salvation?


TIP:  Record a 5-min. (or less) video of you sharing your testimony and post on your website or blog!!

"A Wounded Angel Finds Her Way Home"
A Personal Testimony
Article:  "Boundaries" 




Ministry Leadership - Soon!


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Shhhh...God is Speaking!
A Prophetic Word


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The Bread of Life


Sons and Daughters:  Prophesy!“And it shall come to pass afterwardThat I will pour out My Spirit on all flesh;Your sons and your daughters shall prophesy,Your old men shall dream dreams,Your young men shall see visions.  And also on My menservants and on My maidservantsI will pour out My Spirit in those days.(Joel 2:28-29)

Today, we go in!  We do battle against spiritual wickedness in high places!  The Apostolic Ambassadors for Christ have taken our position on the wall and we contend for our families, our communities and our nation!  We hold the families of those who have lost loved ones in the last 7 days, and ask God to heal our land.  May the God of all comfort, comfort them and keep them in peace.  

Are you feeling stuck, restless, tired of the familiar?  Well, God has a remedy.  You probably won't like it at first; but it is sure to get you moving!  Check out this session to see how God moves us out of our comfort zone.  He knows just how to bring the catalyst that moves us from complacency smack dab in the middle of God's will for our lives.  It's His divine "secret ingredient"!  

It's time to "shake things up" a little!   You'll see; you will begin to act in ways and do things that advance the cause of the Kingdom!  You will be so glad for His divine intervention!!  

Do you have what it takes to stand in these days and times?  We are called  to be ready - to be prepared - to give a reason for what we believe.  As a ministry leader, God wants to use you to take a stand for righteousness.  Every one of us will be called to give an account.  Accountability is important to God.  In this session we tackle some tough questions regarding our witness, e.g.:  

Have you allowed God to deal with your issues of the soul?  

What do you do, or how do you respond when a ministry leader has fallen victim to sin?  

What do you do when your Pastor invites a homosexual to speak in your Church?  

How do you respond when persecution comes because the truth was declared?  

These and other matters abound in this rich discussion and prayer!  It's much longer than any of the other sessions, but it's well worth the time.  Let the eyes of your understanding be enlightened and may you boldly speak truth to power!

Whenever we step out to serve the Lord, we will meet with oppostion.  Opposition presents itself in many different forms; but we are more than conquerors and overcomers through Christ Jesus.  As we look at Acts 4, we see the Apostles encounter immediate opposition after the Day of Pentecost; and this is the backdrop for our discussion on the various manifestations of opposition, how to overcome and keep to our commitments, and a strategy for drawing strength from the Lord.  

As we begin a season of fasting and prayer as we approach the day of Pentecost, we read in Acts 3 and Ephesians 5 how we can receive the refreshing of the Holy Spirit by spending time in His Presence.  Testimonies and a time of sharing and prayer seal the discussion.  

Tis the season for prayer, celebration and a time to take stock - to realize not only how precious life is, but how precious is the Gift of Eternal Life through Jesus Christ Our Lord!

God has a purpose and plan for Israel's redemption, restoration and salvation in this end-time hour.  Israel will be engrafted in just as we (Gentiles) were engrafted in the Kingdom of God.  The Body of Christ is going nowhere without her!  Pray for the peace of Israel!!   

It's that time and season in life when we come face-to-face with the fact that our parents will not always be with us.  Every moment is precious and every word has meaning.  It's a time to say what needs to be said and to do what needs to be done - because tomorrow is not promised.  Join us as we cover those whom we hold most dear - our parents. 

We are living in perilous times.  Jesus is coming back for a Church without spot or wrinkle!  "John the Baptist was divinely appointed by Almighty God to serve as the forerunner of Jesus Christ.  Isaiah prophesied that he would come to prepare The Way for the Son of God." **

As Ambassadors of Christ, we have a special calling and anointing that uniquely equips us to prepare the way for Christ's return.  It's an unofficial title that empowers us with divine authority and it is a mantel handed down to us from our Biblical "way maker", John the Baptist - that special calling and anointing is that of a "fore-runner" - or as I have declared - a "Way Maker":  one who prepares "the way" of the Lord!  

Listen in to this session on what it means to be "called" a Way Maker - Ambassador of Christ.  

**Quote from the book:  "The Way Makers - Ambassadors for Christ, Preparing the Way of the Lord"

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